Life Of A Buzzbomb – Part 5


You may notice that our “Buzzbomb Creatures” are once again featured this week.  As I sat down to write my typical short ‘blurb’ I was going to say, “Sorry about all the pet videos again…” but I stopped.  I am not sorry.  To even say that they are a huge part of our lives is an understatement.  I won’t go so far as to say that our lives revolve around them, but it’s pretty darn close. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Buzzbomb Creatures


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s no denying that we are in the last stretch of their lives with us.  We may have a year or hopefully several more, but it’s inevitable.  It’s coming.  While not all of my videos will be so buzzbomb creature heavy there is a method to my madness.  Just like every other experience in life I want to document their lives with us to the best of my ability.  Even the daily task of medicating. Hey, some of you may find it interesting how to administer an inhaler to a cat.  Watch to find out….

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Life Of A Buzzbomb – Part 4


I remember when I started posting these weekly videos I said that some may not be as exciting as the others.  In my opinion, this video would fit that category.  But hey, it’s my life and I promised to share.

Viking, Heidi, Laura Hiking #ChollaChicks

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Life Of A Buzzbomb – Part 3


I finally have made a video that’s less than 5 minutes.  Hooray! =) If you follow me on instagram or have watched any of my other videos you may have been able to tell that I’ve really made it a focus to get Viking out on the trails this year because A) he loves being out there B) I love his company and C) as much as I hate to admit it he will be slowing down sooner than later and I want to offer him every chance I can to soak up every moment.

Most hikes it’s just him and me.  Sometimes we climb the mountains (I’m still amazed at his billy goat-like ability at his age) and find ourselves alone, while other times it’s a flat, well-traveled trail like the one in this week’s video.  But no matter what we always enjoy each other’s company and are happy to be doing what we’re doing.

Heidi and Viking Hiking

Sadly, rattlesnake season is right around the corner which means his time on the trails is coming to an end….at least through the hot summer months. Many people still take their pups out during the summer but I’m freaked out enough for my own safety when it comes to rattlesnakes.  Putting him at risk isn’t even an option.

So, I hope you enjoy this week’s video.  As for me and Viking, we’re heading out to hit the trail!

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Life Of A Buzzbomb – Part 2


Well, according to the feedback from last week’s video, people seemed to like it.  That’s cool.  I’m happy to hear that, because I have more.  Actually, I’m kind of backed up with video….which is a good thing!  I know it won’t always be that way, so I’m embracing it.  Of course I could post more often, but for now once a week works for me.


This week’s video is a tad shorter, but still a bit too long for my taste.  Ah well, there was no way I could cut any of it out.  Especially because 1) it has two of my recent fave songs that seem to go round and round in my head and 2) I take you along to one of my fave places in the world….Sedona!


Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Life Of A Buzzbomb


When I posted earlier this month I told you I wasn’t ready for my hiatus to end.  I also told you that I had an idea for a ‘project’ and I had already started to work on it.  Well, it’s time for me to share what I’ve been working on.

I preface this in the video but figured I might as well do so here as well. Awhile back I got into doing YouTube videos to supplement my blog posts.  I soon found that it created much more work on top of my already struggling blog writing.  However, I found that I really enjoyed making videos and more often than not it was easier for me to talk than to type.  Even so, I stopped supplementing my blogs and defaulted to just writing.  Surprisingly I’d have a random YouTube subscriber or Facebook fan ask, “Are you going to make anymore videos?”  It always made me think, “Maybe I should head back to video….” but I never did anything about it.

North Mountain Hiking Viking

During my hiatus I had a bit of an ‘aha!’ moment and came up with the idea of sharing my life and adventures through video.  My initial thought was to film day-to-day videos of experiences I have during the month of March and create a video at the end of the month.  That plan quickly changed after I reviewed my videos after the first week of March and had SO many.  (I’m sure having my in-laws visiting increased the amount.)  Knowing that I had no set plans for my idea I rolled with it and created a video for the first week of March. (Even after cuts it still ended up being almost 10 minutes long.  Whoa! Sorry ya’ll.)

Devil's Bridge Sedona Hiking

While some people love watching videos I know there are others that despise it.  The bottom line: I’m not going to please everyone. I’m not saying this is the end of my writing, but right now this feels right so once again, I’m rolling with it and we’ll see what happens.

I’ve set this video to music that makes me smile.  There’s a good chance it may be yanked off YouTube or muted due to copyright. (I’ve tried to find affordable/decent sounding royalty free music with no luck.  Any pointers for those with experience?  Are you an artist who’d like your music featured?  I’ll use it!)  I have no idea if I’ll keep creating montages or if I’ll do some videos where I talk to the camera.  Some may be shorter (hopefully….because 10 minutes is WAY too long). I’m sure some may be dull compared to others because let’s be real, while I love my life don’t let me fool you into thinking that it’s constantly action-packed.  I have no idea if this will be daily, weekly, monthly….or if it will end after 5 or so videos.

I have no method to my madness. I have no social media ‘strategy’ with this idea.  Simply put, it’s one more way to archive my memories and share my life with you.

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Not Quite Ready To Return


Yesterday I came to the realization that it’s been over a month since I stated I was taking a hiatus.  Going into it I wasn’t sure how it’d feel or how long I was going to take off and left it open-ended.  So far it’s felt good.  It took me a good week before my mind finally realized I didn’t have to sit down and write every day.  Yes, even though I wasn’t posting everyday, I was still writing.  Hence, why I needed a break.

Trail Running

After the first week I opened myself to writing in my Book Of Visions aka journal, and have written in that a few times.  It still feels good to write and I find that my words flow much better with a pen and paper. (Totally opposite to most people, I know.)  I had actually thought and even hoped that I’d embrace writing in my journal a bit more but once again, I think it’s a sign that I needed/need a break.

Book Of Visions

Not only have I stepped back from writing/blogging but even social media too.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll see I’ve still been quite active.  I’m still perusing Facebook pretty regularly but not posting as often.  As for Twitter, I’m tweeting here and there, but unless I receive a notification I’ve gone days between updating my feed/lists.  I don’t see this as a bad thing. I had no plans to step away from social media, but once again, it feels good.  It feels natural.  I’m not forcing myself to stay away, it’s just happening on its own.

Sunburst Thinking

So, is it time for me to return to blogging?  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about running and dealing with burn out it’s that you need to give yourself ample time and space.  There’s nothing wrong with trying to mix it up and try new things, but it’s the time and space that’s most important.  I’m finding this to be true about blogging too. I’m coming around but I’m not quite there.

Hiking With Viking

In the meantime I’ve got an idea/project that I’ve been thinking about and finally started on March 1st.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise nor do I want to get anyone’s hopes up as if it’s a grandiose idea (because really it’s not…) I also don’t want to say much because it may not even be completed if I’m not ‘feeling’ it as I move forward working on it.  But, what I will say is that it has to do with video.  Time will tell.  Until next time….

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Time For A Break


It’s time for me to take a break from blogging.  Why?  It just feels natural, so I’m rolling with it. The break may be a week or a month.  Maybe it will be longer (though I doubt it)….I’m not setting a time limit or goal, I’ll just see what happens.

Chances are most wouldn’t have even noticed I was taking break or gone missing.  However, I thought it was only appropriate to give ya’ll the heads up since it drives me bonkers when a blogger just up and disappears leaving me to wonder, “Is everything okay?!”  Yep, I’m good.

If you want to keep up with my crazy antics you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Easiest way to know when I return?  Subscribe or add me to whatever ‘reader’ you use. See ya’ll soon!

Vikings Hiking

 Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

#RnRAZ Recap: 13.1 With Grandma


When it comes to running races, surprisingly it’s one of the few things I don’t over analyze.  I don’t do any so-called carbo loading the night before.  I just eat anything I’d normally eat, whatever that would be.  If I feel like eating spaghetti I will, but if not, no biggie. Case in point: Saturday night I had Chipotle followed by a homemade Chocolate Mug Cake (I still need to post that recipe….)

Half Marathon Food - Chipotle

The same idea goes with what I wear.  I open my closet and grab regular ol’ tried and true running clothes.  When I wake up I eat a normal breakfast, which is usually oatmeal or a smoothie, and head out. I always arrive with plenty of time to chill and hit the porta potty before heading to my corral.  I rarely make conversation with those around me, choosing to tap into my inner introvert, observing everything around me, living in the moment. I never have butterflies when I toe the line because to me it’s just another run.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona 2014

My race day plan?  Accept anything that came my way, embrace it, and just roll with it.  I knew I hadn’t done the amount of training I had done in the past. And not that I’ve ever focused on numbers, but now more than ever that’s the furthest thing from my mind.  Normally I leave my iPod at home, especially on race day, but this time around I decided to bring it along with a custom playlist DH created for me.

IMG_2320Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona 2014

We began just as the sun started to rise, which started to warm the chilly air. As usual, I had to do a lot of weaving but was still able to get into a decent groove.  Each mile was signaled with a sign and some sort of random band mixed with cheerleaders at random locations.  Before I knew it I had run 3 miles, made a pit stop to empty my bladder, and was off again. I’m not sure if it was because of the ever-changing scenery of fellow runners on the course but the miles just seemed to roll by.  Didn’t expect that to happen.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona 2014

Now this may sound crazy to some….At 4.47 miles I can’t quite describe what happened.  A song started that I never expected DH would put on my iPod. I felt calm.  I felt a presence and emotion overcame me.  Happiness, elation, joy.  I knew my grandma was with me.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  Thank goodness I had sunglasses on or some people may have thought I was a lunatic with my huge smile and tears running down my face.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona 2014

Sadly my elation turned to concern at mile 6 when I could feel my bowels moving.  Now before you go saying, “See! You should’ve passed on that Chipotle!” nausea and GI issues just come with the territory when it comes to me and running.  So much that I’ll only use water and don’t use fuel on runs.  Trying to avoid disaster I popped a ginger lozenge and walked a bit, waiting for it to pass.  Thankfully it did and I was soon back to running.

Come mile 8 it hit again…and passed again.  After the incline at mile 9 I knew I was on borrowed time (I know my body.  Been there, done that.) and so I stopped at mile 10.  I’d love to say I popped a squat and was back on my way in a jiffy but it took way more time than I expected.  Eh well.  Once I lost my shit (ha!) I was ready for the last 3 miles and I took off.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona 2014

I  suddenly realized I had unexpectedly set myself up for a PR.  I laughed because I had absolutely no intention or expectation of that happening.  Moving right along I came upon Kristy, AKA Orange Dragonfly, whom I met the day before at the #RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet Up, and her friend Lisa.  Kristy is coming back from an injury, shooting for a PR, and Lisa was pacing her.  I provided a quick word of encouragement as I made my way past but noticed immediately that she was hurting pretty bad.  In that split second I realized there was no way in the world I was leaving her behind.

So for the next 2.5 miles Lisa and I would encourage Kristy, share our water, hold one sided conversations, and even hold her hands to carry her along the way.  We weren’t giving up on her and we sure as heck weren’t going to let her give up on herself.  There was such phenomenal energy as we entered the final chute to the finish.  She did it.  Bam!  What an experience.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona 2014

Looking back, sure I could’ve PR’d but I wouldn’t have it any other way and have absolutely no regrets.  No, I didn’t get a PR, but that was never my goal.  My goal was to go out and enjoy the experience.  And that I did.  Even more, I walked away with a heart filled with joy.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona 2014

There’s no doubt my grandma was with me every step of the way during the race.  Further proof?  I found this at mile 12. Bet she never thought she’d run a half marathon.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona 2014

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona 2014 Medal

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet Up – Recap


As you know after last years’ Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon fiasco racing has taken a bit of a back seat.  While I’ve run 5ks here and there and ran Ragnar Trail AZ, I’ve really had no plans to run another half.  Fast forward to a month or so ago and that all changed.  My friend Pavement Runner shot me a message saying, “Hey!  I’m coming to run Rock N Roll AZ.  I’d love to meet you and host a meet up/tweet up.  And, oh yeah, I have a free entry if you’re interested.”  Well, that’s a no brainer.  Runners don’t pass up free race entries…especially a race like that.

Thankfully no hard commitment was necessary and I sat on the comp code for awhile.  I continued to run, not getting caught up in ‘training’, trying to decide what distance I wanted to do.  After I came home from the #Omnigames in one piece I went ahead and registered for the half.  And then that evening I suffered from a wicked charley horse.  As I stated briefly last week, it’s been years since I had one and the post-cramp discomfort lingered for an abnormally long amount of time.  After a shake out/test run Saturday morning and knowing both the Mini Marathon and Half had the same course I decided it was going to be a race day decision.

The Marathon Stick

Saturday afternoon I hit up the expo, grabbed my bib, shirt, and swag bag and patiently waited for Pavement Runner to arrive with RunEMZ.  I think I’ve known PR for a good 2 years through social media and had yet to meet him so I was stoked.  For anyone wondering if he’s the same as he portrays online, he is….even better! And of course I’ve already met and love RunEMZ.

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet UpPhoto Credit: GotChocoMilk

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet Up

Such a rad and authentic guy.  After they completed their Q&A on Running and Social Media we immediately segwayed into our meet up/tweet up.

With so many people and such a short period of time it was hard to meet everyone but I was able to see/meet:

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet UpDecadent Philistines, Sugar Coated Athlete, and RunEMZ

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet UpPugMamaStace - Photo Credit: Stacey

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet UpAndrea BarberJenlyz, me, Pavement Runner, and RunEMZ – Photo Credit: Jen

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet Up Doctor DribbleDoctor Dribble

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet UpOrange Dragonfly Running

There were many more and I know I haven’t listed them all(sorry!), but what an excellent time.  I really hope the Rock ‘n’ Roll series embraces this idea since I have no doubt it would totally take off!  Props to PR and RunEMZ for creating the idea and allowing me to share in the fun.

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet Up

After browsing the expo it was time to call it a day and head home to prepare for race day.

Next up: Race day!

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet Up


I know it’s been a super crazy week here on the site with all of my posts.  I guess that’s what happens when I’m attempting to channel Charles Dickens.  But, I couldn’t forget to remind you that this weekend is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon/Half Marathon. After much debate I went ahead and registered for the half distance.  Given my lack of training mileage I have no idea what to expect.  But hey, I survived the #omnigames so I can survive this just one week later, right?  As always, I’m going in with an open mind and to have fun.  

(Side note: Early this week I suffered from a wicked charley horse.  Could’ve been the stress on my body from the #omnigames, change in elevation, dehydration….who knows. It’s been years since I had one and the post-cramp discomfort has lingered for an obscene amount of time.  While it is getting better by the day with rolling, rest, etc. running the half may be a race day decision. Got to listen to my body and do what’s right. If you’d like to send positive energy my way it’d be greatly appreciated!)

#RnRAZ Tweet Up & Meet Up

Just as important as the race, there’s a little shindig going on at the expo Saturday 1/18 at 3p, and we want to invite anyone and everyone to attend. Pavement Runner and RunEMZ will be be doing a Q & A followed by a social media meet up, and I’ve been asked to join in the fun. Who would pass up this opportunity?  So whether you’re running the race or not…If you’re on social media or not…come on out and hang with the cool crowd.  If you’re unable to make it in person you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram using the #RnRAZ and #RunPaveyEMZ hashtag.

Rock n Roll Arizona Half Marathon Medal 2014

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

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