Steps Will Lead To Miles….Eventually

Yesterday was our first attempt at running. And guess what? I definitely didn’t learn how to run in my sleep. It was definitely tough…for me at least. Jen did really well, and I’m very happy for her. She has such a smooth gait whereas I feel like I’m moving a lot but not going very far. She was definitely my motivation to keep going. My biggest fear is that she’ll give up on me if I don’t get any better, mostly because she’ll be able to out run me. But her positive thoughts helped me through yesterday while at the same time pushing me to push myself. I think I need to change my mindset. I went into thinking “we can do this…”whereas she went into it scared and our outcomes were totally opposite….she did better than me. Did I set myself up for failure? Nah. I can’t say I was upset at the outcome. I think I had a “realistic” mindset. It didn’t go entirely as planned but at least it got me off of my butt to get out there and start running. It’s amazing what your body goes through when you’re exercising. First your butt burns, then your thighs, then your chest (lungs).

One thing that did dishearten me was my actual chest, meaning my boobs. I doubled my bras and didn’t seem to have any problems while actually running but when we were cooling down, doing a brisk walk, that’s when it started. And then when we got to their house my chest started screaming at me. I couldn’t believe how much they hurt. It felt like someone was literally squeezing both of them and trying to rip my nipples off. Sorry to be so graphic, but there’s no other way to explain. It was the type of pain that the takes your breath away and your eyes just start to water. But after a few minutes sitting on Jen and Joe’s bathroom floor feeling like I was going to die because I didn’t know what to focus on…wanting to vomit or my boobs falling off….I was better and started recuperating. I guess it’s back to the drawing board for bras….maybe the double bras idea wasn’t such a good idea?? I can’t see that being an issue though. I definitely don’t want them moving but that the same time I can’t squeeze the crap out of them either. I dunno, maybe I’ll just have to suffer like all the other women out there with fibroids.

Well, another day done and on to the next….the plan is to continue today….baby steps, baby steps….I’ll get there.

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