Low Sugar Woes

This morning David and I got up at about 7:30am. We sat around awhile and then finally got up and ran 3 miles. I hadn’t eaten anything knowing I was going to run. If I run I either need to eat about an hour before, let it settle, then run, or just not eat. By the time we got out it was after 9am. At that time we had Alpa coming over to assist us in moving an old chest freezer from our basement to outside.

After the run I was sweating like a pig and knew I needed to get something in me. Both water and some form of sugar. I could feel myself not feeling “right” but was focused on the challenge at hand. It seemed to take forever, it was VERY heavy and awkward. At some moments we didn’t think we’d be able to get it out of the house. Long story short, we made it possible but it wasn’t easy and all of our bodies were paying for it. By the time we finished hauling it out of the house I was gone.

The room started spinning and I knew I needed to lie down and get something into me fast. It’s the hardest sensation to explain other than the room spins, my body temperature seems to rise several degrees and all my body wants to do is either vomit or defecate….sometimes all at the same time. I started by taking a bite of an apple and laying on the kitchen floor. The coolness of the ugly linoleum took the edge off after a few minutes so I was able to get up. I got my apple, a few bites of peanut butter, and some vitamin water down. Usually by that point my body starts to come back. Not so this time. At that point my dinner from last night decided to revisit me from my rear….Onion loaf and french onion soup from Damons, topped off with some wine. I finally made it upstairs only to find myself sitting in the shower and not standing. The waves of nausea kept coming over me. I finished in the shower and the moment I got out the nausea hit hard core and my apple and peanut butter hit me from the front end. Thankfully I have good aim and it landed in the toilet. At that point I wanted to die. I was able to get dressed and made it downstairs.

We decided it was time to get lunch and headed out. The car made my “sickness” worse and I had to tell David to stop by the mall. I was hoping that if I went to the bathroom one more time my symptoms would end. Unfortunately it didn’t help and the thought of food made me want to vomit. David reminded me that needed food in me to get rid of the symptoms I was having. We were at a loss of food choices so David became creative and stopped at Target. He ran inside and bought me a plain soft pretzel. It was so hard to eat. It took me forever to take bite after bite. The nausea wanted to take over but I knew I needed to keep eating the pretzel. I finally finished the sucker and within 1/2 hour my body came back to homeostasis and I was my “normal” self.

The scenario is unfortunately something I go through more often than I’d like. I never had this problem so much before I ran, but now that I run on a daily basis it rears it’s ugly head here and there. Thankfully I can read my body well and notice the symptoms before they become incapacitating. I’ve also been able to tweak my running and diet (when and what I eat) to avoid these situations, however sometimes your body does weird things unexpectedly. That or your schedule gets messed up which throws everything else off. And lastly, whenever I increase mileage it’s a challenge for me to decide how much and what to eat to get me through those runs.

It’s times like these that I can’t help but think of Erika. In no way am I comparing my situation with her having diabetes. However, in talking with her, reading her blog, and watching her overcome her struggles I can see how diabetes can be a bitch and attempt to ruin your life in anyway possible. Thankfully she hasn’t decided to lie down and take it. She’s decided to take control of it in any way possible even in dealing with daily or hourly highs and lows. I can only imagine being in her shoes. I run for many reasons, whether they be personal or private. But one thing’s for sure….one reason I run is for Erika. I run to thank her for getting me off my ass to run. I run because I see she can do it through her own strength and tenacity, even with obstacles at every step. I run for all of those other diabetics out there that do the same. And even though I’m not the fastest or strongest, I run because I can.

Just as with Erika, I will not let struggles, obstacles, lulls, discomfort, or fear stop me from running. It’s with this that I’m announcing David and I will be running a marathon within the next year. Yes, ya heard right….a marathon….that’s 26.2 miles. I’ve had reservations about posting this on the blog but I figured if I post it I’ll hold myself to it. As of this moment we’ve got it narrowed to a couple options and will keep you posted on our choice. Here’s to many hours of pounding pavement alone, and some discomfort along the way, but with a payoff of pride.

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