Stop Judging, Be Kind, and Love Yourself

As I digest the changes going on in my life I plan to share them with you.  Some blog posts will have a definite beginning and end while others will be left open-ended, since oftentimes there are no clear answers to life’s greatest questions.

Thoughts, feelings, and stories were shared at Inspiration and Perspiration that probably had never been spoken about outside of the walls of the room. It was interesting as everyone began to let their guards down and allow their emotions to come through. How could this happen in such a short period of time with people we hardly knew? It happened because it was a safe environment; A place that was free from judgment. Within moments of being together we all realized we were not alone in our emotions and experiences. Yes, we may not live the same exact lives but we all have similar demons that we’ve dealt with throughout our lives and that we deal with on a normal day-to-day basis.

Light bulb moment! The thing is, our room of 20+ women is not alone. Everyone we come in contact is dealing with his or her own demons.

What would happen if I treated everyone in the world how we treated each other at Inspiration & Perspiration? I’m not saying I have to be an emotional mess that walks around crying all day. What I’m saying is, why am I not uplifting EVERYONE with my thoughts and words so that we can all succeed? Because as Bex says, “When we lift each other up, we all rise to the top!”

Digging even deeper, how often do I bring myself down with negative self-talk?  Most of us are guilty of saying at least one negative comment to ourselves a minimum of once daily.  (I’m sure the statistic would be MUCH higher than that.) How in the world am I supposed to live a healthy, happy life when I’m bringing myself down so many moments out of the day?  Once again, I’m not going to be running around thinking, “My shit doesn’t stink!” but I’ll be darned if I will be the one that brings myself down before exiting the gates.

And yet there I was, prior to Inspiration & Perspiration, doing it to myself on a daily basis.  Wow.

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)


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