My Journey Through Blogging And Life

I have a bit of a confession to make. I’ve been debating a hiatus from blogging.  With everything that’s been going on in my life, with all of the changes, I almost feel like it’s time to step back.  I talk about “be here now“.  I really believe in it and yet I’m not living it because I get so caught up in everything…including my blog.

Over the past year my blog has taken many twists and turns.  I’ve dabbled in video, attempted to find my “niche”, and even done work with brands on sponsored campaigns.  For every experience, I am grateful.  But ultimately, I’ve found that road isn’t really for me.

It’s no secret that I have a history of over analyzing almost every aspect of my life.  I’ve gotten much better at accepting things as they come and going with the flow. However, I think it’s also very important to ask questions and assess myself, my journey, and my surroundings.  In other words, greet everything with curiosity  Looking at my blogging situation is no different. As I questioned whether I wanted to continue blogging these are the thoughts and questions I found swirling around in my head….

I love documenting what I’m doing but compared to many people my life isn’t all that exciting.  I get up at 4:30a, do yoga, work, come home, make a simple meal, blog, and then go to bed.  Some days I may mix up my workouts/activity, but that’s about it.

Weekends tend to be more adventurous, but I feel that I cannot appropriately put into words all that I’ve experienced because the words don’t seem to come to me or the emotions I experience are too hard for me to express.  I feel like I’m not serving my experiences justice.

Lately I’ve had the same thoughts/experiences going round and round me but who wants to hear about the same blogs time and time again….even if they seem important to me.

I’m spending too much time thinking/mulling over my posts that it’s been causing me stress and anxiety.  Whatever happened to simple blogging?  Now I link back posts, make sure there’s some sort of photo, or even add video.

Video is easier for me but I have an even smaller following to my vlogs and most people who read my blogs have no interest in watching vlogs. I myself am not a vlog watcher.  Not to mention, I have a hard time doing only video as I feel I still have to supplement with writing.

As an athlete I’m mediocre at best and have no speedy or high mileage achievements.  I’m not one to post workouts or give advice, with the exception of some basics.  How can I be a “fitness blogger”?

As a vegan I’ve also covered some of the basics, but I’m not one to preach from the rooftops. When it comes to cooking and eating, I’m real basic. Sure, I’ll eat out, but I rarely post recipes because I hate to cook and 95%+ time I eat whole, raw foods, or keep it VERY simple.

What about my connections with brands by taking a break, walking away, or changing things up? No doubt, I’ve had some amazing experiences and connections all because of my blog, and it’s great to get “free” items, but really, what are those things worth?

Where does this leave me?  What do I have to offer?   Myself.  I’m not a world-class athlete or chef, but I am a student of life.  I’m a lover of adventure and trying new things.  Someone that’s willing to try something new, even if it means stumbling, falling, or taking a few steps back.

As for finding my “niche”. I’ve never been one to fit a stereotype or label so why force myself into something now?

Will I lose opportunities with brands? Time will tell.  Something I pride myself on is the genuine sharing of brands I believe in.  Sure Columbia Sportswear, Mizuno, and Road Runner Sports have been great to me but I was a supporter of them prior to my connections.  More importantly, I really do love and use their products.  My promise to you and myself is that I only align myself with brands that I actually use and/or that fit my life.

One thing about life is that we are constantly evolving. Oftentimes I feel like my life is evolving faster than I can keep up.  If you’ve followed along, even for a short time, you probably have witnessed this. I wouldn’t change it for the world. That idea alone is one of the main reasons I began blogging…to share my journey.

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

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