Meet Ellie: Fitness Apparel Review

I’m sure a week after last week’s post on having my blog be more personal you didn’t expect to see a review.  Alas, I have several posts that I promised to deliver and I don’t break a promise.  Not to mention, as I stated, I will continue to bring insight on products that I use and/or find helpful.  

It seems as though monthly subscriptions boxes of stuff are popping up everywhere.  I even did a review on NatureBox awhile back who offers healthy snack foods right to your door step.  It should come as no surprise that one that delivers fitness apparel would pop up at some point.  Enter Ellie.

Several months ago I was introduced to PV.Body through social media channels and blog posts about a company that delivers high quality apparel to your mailbox on a monthly basis for a set fee.  I was intrigued.  Lucky for me they contacted me wanting to know if I wanted to try their services at no charge to me.  I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t? I took their Style Profile Quiz which would help them choose my outfit and I patiently awaited the arrival of what I’d receive.

Soon after I received my bright pink package of two items that I loved I started reading some bad reports from fellow bloggers.  Their complaints ranged from ill-fitting items, lack of quality or high-end brands they expected, and bad customer service. A few days later I began hearing “rumors” of changes that were happening within PV.Body.  They were going to continue their service but under a different name and only provide their brand new, personal line of clothing.  Many felt they were bait switched by having signed up under a different premise only to have the rug pulled out from underneath them.  I didn’t want to pass judgement or jump to conclusions and wanted to await their formal announcement of what their actual plans were with the company.

Staying true to my promise of only presenting products I use and/or believe in, I spoke with my contact for PV.Body stating that I didn’t want to review their service based on the items I received because basically I’d be saying, ” Hey. Here’s PV.Body and this is the concept…but now it’s different…because the concept is different and this isn’t the product you’re going to get…you’re going to get their line of clothing.” Make sense?  They were 100% understanding and told me to sit tight.

I don’t know the ins and outs of all of the details or whether this was their plan all along but as things began to unfold my own personal opinion developed. What I do know is that what I was seeing was a newer company growing at an exponential rate.  Any company has growing pains, whether change in product or vision, but when it is thrust into motion at such a high speed it makes it that much more challenging. Most companies aren’t that well known yet for them to be noticed or criticized.  With its popularity it was that much more in the limelight and placed under a microscope.

A formal announcement was finally made about all of the rumors that were swirling.  Yes, it’s true PV.Body was now going to be known as Ellie and their monthly subscription would only include items from their yet-to-be released fitness apparel line.  They also provided a few more details. Here they are along with my thoughts are in italics:

-Every month, Ellie will launch a new collection of 16 tops and 8 bottoms. <- Different choices each month.

-Your choice of two pieces from that months Look Book for $49.95 per month. You can choose two tops, two bottoms or a top and a bottom and the price is always the same. <- You know what you’re getting.

-You have until the 7th of each month to select your own pieces. Otherwise, Ellie will select and ship an outfit (top and bottom) to you, depending on your selected style profile.

-Ellie offers free shipping on all orders, exchanged, and return to Fit Fashionista program members – If you are not satisfied with the quality of Ellie, you can ship it back for free both ways and you will receive another free piece from Ellie’s collection. <- Doesn’t fit or don’t like it?  Send it back.

-Ellie offers exclusive access to pieces available only to Fit Fasionista members. <- Want more of the pieces released this month?  You can buy them.

-You can still cancel your membership at any point in time. <-Not locked into a commitment.

More from the brand:

-Ellie created their own TruFit technogology. According to Ellie, “TruFit begins with the fabric. Each piece is pre-shrunk to make sure it never shrinks again. We guarantee that our clothing will fit the same the first time you try it and the 30th time you hit the gym. We carefully design very piece to make sure it fits you in all the right places.”

-The waistband on all bottoms will be the exact same. <- once you find out what size works for you, you’re golden.

-Every piece of every collection is washer and dryer-friendly.

-All products are manufactured in the USA. <- That puts the cherry on top.  Pretty rad.

Personally I think this is better than the PV.Body deal on so many levels.  Upon seeing the February Look Book and making my choice of 2 pieces I was pretty pumped for them to arrive.  When they arrived I immediately fell in love.  The Catch Me If You Can top was so buttery soft.

I was nervous when it came to choosing the Electric Love Capris.  I love bright colors but didn’t know if they’d be too bright or make me feel uncomfortable.  I’m glad I took the chance because they are the perfect fit and beyond comfortable.

I loved both the look and feel of the pieces so much that I actually felt inspired to go for a run.  Seriously.  And they performed beautifully.

Final thoughts: I know people lost a lot of faith in the PV.Body/Ellie with all that’s gone down in the past month.  Fingers crossed that they’ve pulled it together or can do so really fast, because I think they have a great concept and product.  I can’t wait to see what this months choice brings.

Interested in trying out some of their stuff?  Click to receive 20% off coupon off of your first order and feel free to pass along to any friends that may be interested.

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

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