A Step Back In Time – Bragg’s Factory Diner Phoenix

After checking out Treehouse Bakery in the Grand Ave in the Arts & Small Business District DH and I decided to head back the following week to check out Bragg’s Factory Diner for breakfast.

Bragg's Factory Diner

Per their website, Bragg’s was built in 1947 and originally operated as a pie factory.  While they still make pies for the diner they are no longer a factory per se. In addition you’ll also find this on their site:

Bragg’s Factory Diner uses locally sourced & organic products wherever possible. Our regularly changing specials are inspired by the contents of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) harvest baskets we receive from the fine folks at Farmyard each week. All of the produce within the baskets is grown locally and organically at urban micro-farms in Phoenix & Scottsdale, giving us a rich & regular source of seasonal produce all year round.

Our coffee is also locally sourced from Phoenix roasters Xanadu Coffee Co.

Pretty cool in my book!  Driving up you can’t miss the retro storefront with random objects hanging from the knitted trees.

Bragg's Factory Diner

A large parking lot providing free parking is located adjacent to their location surrounded by brightly colored walls covered in Dr. Seuss artwork.

Bragg's Factory Diner

From the old time family photos on the wall to the random kitsch salt and peppers shakers, and the corner glass pastry case, walking into their establishment I felt as though I was stepping back in time.  I couldn’t help but think how it would feel to live in Phoenix 15-20 years ago.

Bragg's Factory Diner

Bragg's Factory Diner

Bragg's Factory Diner

While there aren’t a ton of tables in the diner we were successful in finding ourselves a seat and sat ourselves.  Since the menus are already stowed on each table we took a quick glance at their menus. Having already checked out their clearly marked menu online I was able to make quick work of what I was going to order. I’d consider most of their food isn’t typical fare since they don’t try to replicate burgers and such.  Instead they take their own twist on things.  However, they’re ‘twists’ aren’t so off the wall that a person looking for something ‘normal’ won’t find anything.

Bragg's Factory Diner Menu

Within a few moments our waitress was at our table taking our order. ‘Koo Koo Banana Pancake’s for me and vegan ‘Bwiscuits and Gwavy’ for DH.  We took our time enjoying the photos on the wall as we waited for our food.  We also took a gander at the glass case full of cookies and pies.  Our service was speedy and it took little time for our dishes to arrive.

Bragg's Factory Diner


Ya’ll already know I love vegan pancakes.  Add in some sugar & rum caramelized bananas and I was experiencing a little slice of heaven.  Sadly DH didn’t have the same experience as he found his dish to be pretty bland.   I made sure to grab a few bites and honestly thought it was pretty darn good.  So, while he didn’t care for his entree we both chalked it up to his personal tastes. Not every meal we order is the best we’ve ever had and this time around that was the case for him.

Bragg's Factory DinerWhoops! Blurry =(

I loved that we found yet another vegan-friendly restaurant in Phoenix to frequent.  Even more so, I love the throwback vibe of their diner and look forward to returning to try more of what they have to offer.

Bragg’s Factory Diner
1301 NW Grand Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone 602.733.8076
Sunday-Thursday 7 a-10 p
Friday-Saturday 7 a-midnight

Credit cards accepted

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)


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