Puerto Penasco, Mexico Adventure – Part One: Welcome To Mexico and Bella Sirena

In early 2013 I was contacted by Sea Side Reservation Mexico to see if DH and I would like to venture down to Rocky Point in Mexico to stay at one of their properties.  While DH and I have had the opportunity to travel a decent amount over the years we have never been to Mexico, so we went ahead and accepted their offer.  Soon after we received word that DH was going to be heading out on tour which axed our plans.  Bummer.  I contacted Sea Side Mexico and regrettably had to withdraw from our reservation but let them know if they were looking to partner in the future I’d be more than happy to hear from them.  Fast forward to spring of 2014 and I received another invite to make the trip.  Excellent. Even with crazy schedules thankfully nothing came up and interfered with our plans, so we made our way to Rocky Point this past weekend.

Rocky Point Mexico Adventure Travel

Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point, is only 3.5 hours from Phoenix.   For some reason Puerto Pensasco has gained a reputation for being unsafe.  Whether you travel down the street or to another country there are risks in any sort of travel.  All risk is acceptable as long as it’s properly calculated.” More than anything it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and respectful of the culture where you’re traveling.

Rocky Point Mexico Adventure Travel

Crossing the border into Sonoyta, Mexico was pretty anti-climatic.  We basically stopped at a stop sign while the car in front of us entered.  Then we proceeded when it was our turn. No stopping and no questions. We just passed on through.

Rocky Point Mexico Adventure Travel

The first thing we noticed upon entering Mexico was an immediate culture difference.  Buildings are incomplete, worn out, and dirty.  Stray dogs are running about. I can see how this would make many people uncomfortable. Having lived in New Orleans and Detroit, seeing this sort of thing day in and day out, it didn’t alarm us.  It’s not that we are ignorant or naive, it just doesn’t catch us off guard when we come in contact with it.

The hour drive from the border to our resort was pretty straight forward.  Once again, we heard horror stories of friends of friends being pulled over by police and having to pay them off in order to avoid a ticket or arrest.  No surprise but we witnessed none of this.  It’s always important to go the speed limit, but even more so when you’re in a different country.  At this point in our journey we rarely came across any structures and it didn’t look much different than the vast desert landscape of Arizona. Approaching Puerto Penasco was similar as our experience in Sonoyta.  While the town was worn down and such, we had absolutely no problems.

We arrived at our gated resort just as the sun was setting.  Since we arrived later in the day we checked in at the Sonoran Sun. Speaking perfect English, the Sea Side Reservations staff welcomed us and soon we were on our way to our room in the neighboring resort, Bella Sirena.

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

The only problem?  We had absolutely not idea which building our room was located in and there was a language barrier between the security guard at the gate and us.  While neither of us were sure what the other said we must have been on the same page because he pointed in a general direction and we went.  We picked the first building in the direction he pointed, went to the second floor (assuming we were on the 2nd floor since our room was B203), and as luck would have it the key worked! Whew! The first thing DH said?  “Wow.  This is nicer than I expected.” Our accommodations were larger than our first apartment together.

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico The full kitchen had granite counter tops, plates, glasses, silverware, appliances, pots, pans, and water cooler.  Everything!

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

We had access to our own washer and dryer and huge bathroom with separate bath and shower. Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

The bedroom was outfitted better than our own at home and had a huge walk-in closet.  I absolutely loved the balcony that spanned our entire condo that overlooked one of the many pools on the property, with the beach in the distance.

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

After working all day, followed by our 3.5 hour trip, we dropped our bags, grabbed our swimsuits, and hit the hot tub immediately.  By the time the pools were set to close we called it a night, looking forward to exploring the rest of the property the next day.

In typical fashion, DH and I were up with the sun.  After enjoying the bagels we brought for breakfast out on the balcony, we decided to take a walk throughout the resort and head toward the beach.

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

Once again, we were pleasantly surprised by the resort.  The grounds were pristine and absolutely perfect.  Most often we’re lucky to have one pool to choose from. Bella Sirena had so many pools to choose from that we lost count. Not only did they have separate pools but each pool had separate levels or pools in itself.  That was great, as it allowed for a little more privacy and room to move about.

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

Within minutes of walking toward the water we found ourselves at the beach.   Since it was low tide we had a decent amount of company with others searching for seashells and enjoying the tide pools.  We also found the ocean water temperature absolutely perfect.

Rocky Point Mexico Adventure Travel

Rocky Point Mexico Adventure Travel

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

After exploring we decided to grab our swimsuits and be the first ones in the pool that morning. Enjoying one of the infinity pools while looking out into the ocean, all by ourselves?  Yep, perfect.

Bella Sirena Sea Side Reservations Mexico

After the tide had risen, we found ourselves back on the beach jumping the waves as the crashed onto the shore.  By 11 am we had worked up quite an appetite and figured we get all cleaned up and head on toward the next part of our Mexico Adventure, heading off the resort and into the town of Puerto Penasco….

Were we scared to drive to Mexico? Want to hear our thoughts about our experience crossing the border? Want to see a video of our accommodations?  Watch the below.

As usual, it’s darn near impossible to cover all of our experience in one single post so be on the lookout for more soon!

Want to see more photos from our trip?  Check out our Puerto Penasco Flickr gallery.

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Disclaimer: Sea Side Reservations provided accommodations for our entire stay. However,  I am not being compensated for anything written in this post and a positive review was not necessary.  All thoughts and views included in this post about Bella Sirena, Rocky Point and associated places/activities are my own.

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  1. Michelle says

    So jealous that you live so close to this beautiful place! I’ve been to Mexico once before but would love to go back and check out a different section. This place looks gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

    • says

      I still boggles my mind that it’s just a few hours away. Absolutely crazy and so cool. Looking forward to venturing down there again!

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