How @Rev3Tri #Rev3CP Training Rocked Me To The Core

You may have noticed in last week’s post that there was no mention of triathlons in the list of possible races.  Why? Well, there are a couple reasons.

Upon moving here I’ve found that triathlons seem few and far between.  There are VERY few lakes available for open water swimming and the races I have found call for the swim portion to be done in a pool.  That’s not necessarily bad but it would definitely be a different take.

I also haven’t gotten in the pool or seriously swam since early July. With our closest lake about 30-40 minutes away and lack of sufficient funds to join our local YMCA it doesn’t look like I’ll be back in the water regularly anytime soon.

(This is where the blog post makes me a little uncomfortable.  I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone a bit and sharing something I’ve held secret for a few months…..but it needs to be said.)

Although those are some pretty big setbacks I know I could really pursue and persevere if I wanted to.  To be honest at this very moment I don’t want to.  Why, you ask?  My whole experience of registering for my first Half Rev3, starting training, and then sacrificing it for our move has rocked me to the core a bit….in several ways.

Quite frankly I had no idea what I got myself into when I signed up.  You see, I only have sprint triathlon experience.  I knew signing up would be a HUGE undertaking, but I didn’t realize how huge it would be. From the first moments I was humbled in each training session.  As you know I don’t claim to be a super athlete but I can usually hold my own. I totally underestimated the bike and have repeatedly said that I thought it would be the easiest leg and has since proven to be my hardest sport.  Adding in the use of my first triathlon bike made it that much more challenging. Not only was I attempting distance on a bike but also learning the ins and outs of riding in aero position, all while attempting to clip in and out of the pedals….not too successfully.

True, I did have some successes here and there.  All of which I am grateful for.  No matter how small, all of our life experiences make us who we are, so I am not belittling them in any way.  Training is supposed to be hard and challenging….that’s one of the reasons I do what I do.  But honestly, I felt like each training session was a HUGE hurdle and I never really walked away feeling accomplished or “on top of the world” excited.  Most often I felt beat down, disheartened, and wondered what I got myself into. Although I got more confident in my biking I still never seemed to break that invisible barrier or acquired any speed (kind of sounds like my running too….)

When the opportunity for us to move to Arizona came about you may understand a bit better how it was easier for me to walk away from my Rev3CP registration.  In no way did I see our move as an easy out or running away from a challenge.  Lord knows there was much more that went into our decision than this race.  But after beating my head (and body) against a wall for months it’s safe to say I had my fill.

With that being said, passing on registration hasn’t been easy to swallow.  I acquired my Rev3 visor after volunteering last year.  I wore it with pride during my workouts but couldn’t help but feel like a fraud since I didn’t earn that visor.  The only thing that kept me wearing it was the drive it gave me when I would put it on and knowing that I would soon earn my place among those that have gone before me. Unfortunately that’s now not the case.  With the actual race this weekend I’m sure I’ll have my share of emotions coursing through my brain. (By the way I’ll be sending positive energy and thoughts to all those racing!)

As I’ve stated previously, Rev3 is a class act group of people.  They are amazing in many ways and I would absolutely love to be part of their team someday (gotta get better at the sport and work on my race resume though).  I have no plans on giving up on the sport of triathlon or my dream of running a Rev3 race. I do know that I’ve enjoyed mixing up my training since arriving in Arizona and that I have many more dreams to fulfill in my lifetime.

For now I think it’s best I take time to allow the dust to settle, reassess my abilities, and scale back to more attainable short term goals.  Once I get that all in line I will need to realize that just like with running, if I want to run a half Rev3 I’m going to have to work my ass off harder than most normal people do.

Until then….

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Moving To AZ, There Will Be No Rev3, For Me

If you read my posts regularly you know that I’ve been planning and looking forward to running my first Half Revolution3 Triathlon this year.  You may be wondering how I’m going to pull it off with our big adventure ahead.

I’m not going to pull it off.  There will be no Half Revolution3 for me….this time around.  I will admit, it pains me to type that.

After taking a few years off of running races due to my health this was supposed to be a decent race year for me.  Or at least that’s what I had hoped.  My first race of the year was supposed to be the Toledo Glass City Half Marathon.  After several months of training I ended up with my first DNS due to an ankle issue.

As I eyed other races for summer I found myself having issues deciding on what would fit best into my Half Rev3 training schedule.  I never did decide on a race schedule (maybe I somehow knew I wouldn’t be racing??) Instead, I set my eyes to my Rev3 training. I signed up for Rev3 Coaching, dealt with my freak out, and logged a decent amount of hours swimming, running, and biking.

I know to some it may seem like I’m throwing it all away and I’m sure some may even question my goal setting, planning, and execution.  In my mind all of my hard work and time wasn’t all for naught.  I believe no matter how big or small, every experience in our lives builds character and makes us stronger.

Running a Half Rev3 is a challenge I’d like to conquer, but it’s not my dream. Heading out west for adventure is my dream.  I will definitely run a Revolution3 race in the future…and it will be sooner than later. For now I’m going to live my dream, continue training, running races/triathlons, and hope to pick up some more fun sports.

What helpful hints do you have for me as I head out AZ?  Where should I run/train?  What are your fave races?  What other outdoor sports do I need to try??

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

Don’t Fight With Light Bulbs

It’s Friday, which means this should be a “vegan” post.  Well folks, sorry about this, but going to sidetrack a bit today. But now worries!  Next Friday I’ll have a brand new vegan post for ya’ll!

Like I said Wednesday, on Tuesday I had an accident at work. I’d love to play it off like a shark attacked me during an open water swim or something “exciting”.  Unfortunately I was attacked by a light bulb.  Yeah, not real exciting.

Basically I was attempting to open a very high window with a contraption made to open the window.  After opening the window I pulled the contraption toward me, knocking a light fixture, which then in turn busted a 4 foot fluorescent light bulb.  The light bulb crashed to the ground, gouged my left calf in several places, leaving a not so pretty sight.

The first few seconds I didn’t think anything of it…until I actually looked down at my leg.  My initial thought, “OH NO!  MY TRAINING!” Seriously.  Nothing else entered my mind. Then the blood came and I rushed to get a rag as to not bleed all over my workplace. Then, since I work alone,  I decided to make a few phone calls. I knew I could drive myself to the hospital but thought it best not to. Unfortunately D wasn’t in the area so my parents rushed over to pick me up and take me to the hospital.

I’m not for grossing people out so if you want to see the “before” photo of my leg, you can see it here. Ye be warned, it ain’t pretty and viewer discretion is advised.  Here’s a PG version…

As I sat in the waiting room (yes, I had to wait an hour to be seen) I had a triage nurse come out and grade my lesion.  In passing I said I was a triathlete and how I’m training. She laughs and says, “Well, not for 2 weeks you won’t be!” Cue my tears. I wasn’t crying because of the pain I was in or that I had an inch of skin and fat dangling from my leg.  No, I was crying because there I sat, once again with a wrench thrown in my Half Rev3 training.  It seems as though I just recovered from my foot issue of unknown origin and now there’s this. Yargh!

I was seen by the doctor, numbed up, and put back together again. Here’s the finished product…..

Looks pretty good I’d say.  I headed back to work and finished my shift for the day, because that’s what Buzzbombs do.

As for my training, I was told no running or biking for 5 days and no swimming for 10 days. I had planned to run my first triathlon of the season in just a few weeks and had already registered for a 5K for this Saturday (tomorrow). I have yet to decide if I’m running either of those.  Time will tell.

Mizunos are all cleaned up and staying clean & secure with Tommie Copper

I’m trying to see this as a blessing in disguise or seeing some reasoning behind all of this happening.  I know there’s a reason, but it has yet come to light.  All I can think of is, “why the heck is there this negative energy trying to keep me from training?!” Thankfully it’s early on in in the season and I’ll adapt and overcome….because that’s what Buzzbombs do. 😉

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)

PS Do you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook?   If not, you should be!  I posted continuous updates of this fiasco in real-time.  Yes, I tweet and post photos of EVERYTHING!

Buzz: I’m Freakin’ Out

As I’m getting deeper and deeper into my Half Rev3 Triathlon training I’ve been finding myself freaking out a bit.  Specifically every time my weekly training schedule is posted I think, “How the heck am I going to do this?!” The funny thing is I always make it happen.  So why freak out?!

My most recent freak out came this weekend.  Although I’ve logged a decent amount of hours on my CycleOps bike trainer I’ve yet to really hit the open road on my new tri bike, “Sparky“.  (Taking him out around downtown a few times and crashing doesn’t count.) I can swim, bike, and run, but dealing with an actual tri bike is a whole different animal and takes some getting used to.  Needless to say I knew I needed to get out and ride Sparky…for real.  But thinking about hitting the open road (with cars!), without crashing (hopefully), and for close to 2.5 hours, I could just feel my heart rate increase.  What the heck?

As you can see I had some definite anxiety going on.  But with a little compromise to make this feel more attainable, singing Florence + The Machine, “It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back…just shake it out!” to myself (over and over), and lots of positive self-talk I got through it.

Being out there was amazing.  Although I’m appreciative of the countryside, so many things are overlooked when riding in a car.  Including this…

What?!  Yes, that would be a buffalo.  I came across them midway through my ride and just had to stop to take a photo. Sadly these buffalo are being raised for slaughter which just tore my heart to pieces but this guy came up to me by the fence and we had some conversation.  I also took advantage of the few seconds I stopped to down a Chocolate Agave #9 gel.  Although I’m getting the hang of drinking and riding, fueling is another thing I have to master while riding Sparky. Next time!

Something else I need to improve on?  Sunscreen application…or at least increasing my arm reach.  I applied sunscreen by myself since I was alone and obviously couldn’t reach that far on my back. Hence, the splotches.  On the right side of my back you can actually see finger marks where I stretched to reach as far as I could. Nice.

I didn’t come in contact with that many cars while riding and for the most part it was just me and the road.  I felt free and calm.  I loved it.  I want more. All of my anxiety for nothing.  When will I learn?

So there you have it.  2.5 hours on my bike, out on the open road, followed by a mile run right off the bike. Another obstacle tackled.  Now, it’s time to stay calm and realize, “I’ve got this!”

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)