Rev3 Run Across America

If it isn’t obvious enough from my blogs (here, here, or here) or my tweets, I have to tell you I love Rev3.  Why do I love Rev3?

Besides their cool visors and shimmer swimsuits?

They are a first-class company that puts on fantastic races with a charismatic group of people.  I am not a Rev3 Staff Member or even an Age Group Team Member, but I’ve witnessed their workings first hand and am beyond impressed.  I can’t say enough about them or the work they do.  I believe in Rev3…what they’re about and what they do. I have since become “friends” with some of the Staff Members/Team and have signed up to run my first Half Rev3 distance triathlon this summer at Cedar Point, in Ohio, with them.  But if you’re familiar with my blog, you already knew that.

Recently Rev3 has kicked it up a notch and announced that it’s staff would be running across America in hopes of raising $100,000 for The Ulman Cancer Fund.  The Revolution3 Run Across America  consists of 10 people on a core team, doing 15 miles each day, to get from Oceanside, CA to Washington DC (3,080 miles), in 21 days (March 26th to April 16th). Along the way the Rev3 Age Group Team will fill in days where they can.  In addition to the main group, there will be many “virtual teams” throughout the United States logging running miles where they can, raising funds towards the cause.

The Ulman Cancer Fund was started by Doug Ulman and his family after his cancer diagnosis while in college. Since its inception in 1997, UCF has worked tirelessly at both the community level and national level to raise awareness of the young adult (ages 20 – 39 years old) cancer issue and ensure all young adults and families impacted by cancer have a voice and the resources necessary to thrive. As Rev3 runs across these great United States of America they will strive to spread their good word and give many children and families inspiration and access to the services provided by the Ulman Cancer Fund.

Where do I come into all of this?  I’ve come to the realization that yes, I love to run, but it’s time to do something more with my running.  I’d like to raise money and awareness for organizations when and where I can.  As you know, I’ve already signed up with Team RWB to raise money for our veterans and I have now signed up to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund by helping Rev3 Run Across America.  Unfortunately I am unable to take 21 days off of work to run across America, so I’ve joined forces with Harmony Davis and the rest of her virtual team to log miles when and where I can.  This will be during the same time period the others will be running across America.

Where do you come in?  Donate!  Although I’ll be kicking up my Team RWB donation efforts in the future I’m currently looking for my readers to donate to Rev3 Run Across America.  I’ve also added a widget to my right side bar.  Just click and follow the prompts to donate.  When asked, choose to donate in the name of “Team Davis”. No amount is too little.  And word on the street is that Rev3 is working on a raffle for those that do donate.  So if you donate you could be walking away with something fun.  Hot dang!

Thanks everyone!

Keep Smiling and Be Grateful =)